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Help Our Pets, Inc. is a non-profit organization that was created for the benefit and care of homeless dogs and cats. Help Our Pets, also known as HOP, is run primarily by one woman, Mary Ellen Tryon, who is now 92 years old. She started rescuing abused dogs and cats over 45 years ago. She has found loving homes for well over 15,000 pets during that time.

Mary finds homes for as many animals as she can, the ones that are unadoptable due to age, health, or temperament are kept at her kennel & home and treated as personal pets. They all receive excellent care for their entire life. Each one is spayed or neutered and receives whatever medical treatment they may need. Mary and HOP supports them all by your generous donations. Please help HOP help them.

HOP goals include educating the public on the necessity of spaying & neutering dogs and cats to stop the overpopulation of pets. This is the major source of so many unwanted, homeless and abused animals. HOP wishes to create an education program directed at grammar school children, teaching them about over-population, how to care for their pets, and offering incentives for having their pet neutered. The program is written, however, funds are needed to implement it.

Please send your tax-deductable donation to:
PO BOX 733